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What is ESG and Why Does It Matter to Your Business with Kim Raath of Topl

Today, I’m excited to talk to Kim Raath, the co-founder and CEO of Topl, an ESG technology company with a purpose-built blockchain that empowers businesses to prove and monetize ethical and sustainable practices. 

Before university, Kim worked in 18 developing countries to rebuild and strengthen communities by implementing innovative forms of technology. She has since given numerous talks about how technical innovation empowers communities to improve quality of life and access to opportunities. 

Kim was the first student at Rice University to simultaneously complete a...

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Improving Your Chances of Getting a ‘Yes’ from Investors with Ethan Austin of Gig Wage

Ethan Austin is a two-time founder, Angel Investor and currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Gig Wage. 

Prior to joining Gig Wage, Ethan pioneered the medical crowdfunding space as a co-founder of GiveForward, the world's first medical crowdfunding platform. After going through the TechStars program himself in 2010, GiveForward raised $7 million in funding. 

The GiveForward platform went on to help families raise 200 million for their loved ones out of pocket medical expenses, and help change the way people care for each other during life's most difficult times. The company...

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Discover How to Ask for "Smart" Money with Katy Campbell of Porsche Digital


Today, I’m excited to talk to two-time founder Katy Campbell.

Katy is currently working with Porsche Digital to develop new startups across various ecosystems. 

Katy is also running "formation", a startup school for founders who identify as woman, or as part of a minority group. 

She was also leading the brand and communication team at APX, the early-stage VC from AxelSpringer and Porsche. 

Driven by her passion for mental well-being and diversity, Katy is working closely with boards globally to make sure both these topics are at the forefront of discussions....

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How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market with Greg Head

Today, I’m excited to talk to Greg Head, the CEO of Scaling Point and the founder of Gregslist!

Greg Head is a 30-year software industry veteran who was part of the startup-to-scale journeys of three different software companies in the CRM industry, including one IPO. 

He is now an active mentor, advisor, consultant, and speaker helping founders of early-stage software startups all over the world. 

At Scaling Point, Greg works with startup tech founders on positioning strategy, product-market fit, messaging, and scalable marketing execution. 

Gregslist.com is the...

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A Solid Sales Process Requires Discovery with Matt Wolach

Matt Wolach, host of SaaS-Story in the Making, is an entrepreneur, investor, coach, and leader who knows the sales world from the inside out. He has nearly two decades of SaaS sales management experience.

His expertise, in particular, lies in crafting a streamlined buyer journey that maximizes conversions at every stage from lead to close.

Matt is the creator of The Perfect D.E.A.L. Process which has created growth patterns that led to multiple 8 and 9 figure exits.

He uses his experience and this proven process to guide founders and leaders of B2B SaaS companies from around the world on...

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What Is Your Exit Strategy?

Today, I tackle the question “How do I talk about my exit strategy with investors?”

Get clear on what kind of business you want before you start trying to grow...otherwise, someone else will choose for you.

Today, we’ll cover:

  • What different kinds of businesses you could choose to build
  • How that translates into a different kind of exit strategy
  • Why ultimately, the only exit strategy that matters is the one that’s right for you.



Resources mentioned in this episode

  • If you’d like to dive deeper into...
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Ask the Tough Questions with Tiffany Bisconer

Tiffany Bisconer is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 20 years of experience in the fields of accounting and tax. 

Tiffany has worked with one of the top 10 Certified Public Accounting and Consulting Firms in the nation and is currently the Director of Acena Consulting focusing on providing specialty tax incentive consulting services. 

Combining her private industry and public accounting experience, she works with CPA firms and directly with business owners and leadership teams in multiple industries at all levels of growth, to help educate and identify...

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Final Part of the 4-Part Series - Ghost of Numbers Future

Welcome to the final part of a four-part series to tackle the ghosts of your numbers past, present, and future. 

Last week we talked about the numbers of your present - the KPIs that will help you make decisions day-to-day.

Today we'll cover the numbers of your future - your financial forecast/projection/model:

  • What is a financial forecast?
  • How will a financial forecast help me run my business?
  • How do I build a financial forecast?
  • What are the biggest pitfalls to avoid with forecasts?

I put this series together to share which numbers matter, what it takes to build a quality...

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Part 3 of 4 - The Ghost of Numbers Present

Welcome to Part 3 of a four-part series where we dive into the ghost of numbers past, present, and future. 

Today, we are talking about the numbers of your present - the KPIs of your business.

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are:

  • The short-term measures of specific actions that move your business forward.
  • Measurements of the small decisions you make every day.
  • Designed to help you quickly access whether you're on target to ultimately reach scale & profitability.

By learning what numbers matter in your business, you are able to make better decisions to move your...

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Part 2 of 4 Series: The Ghost of Numbers Past

Welcome to Part 2 of a four-part series where we dive into the ghost of numbers past. 

We take a look at:

  • Why you need to review the past numbers in your business. They provide you the story of how to adjust your current business structure.
  • Where you obtain your financial history and which numbers matter.
  • How using these past numbers helps you make better decisions.
  • The bottom line is learning your numbers helps you become a better decision-maker. By doing so, you move your business forward faster.


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