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Edward Cruz of Go For Vertical: The Importance of Asking Questions and Planning

Edward Cruz is the founder of Go For Vertical, Arizona’s new catalyst for founders and startups. Edward is a successful enterprise software consultant based in San Francisco and Austin, with a long career helping both startups and Fortune 500 corporations deliver critical software solutions. Edward is a native Tucsonan who is happy to bring his skills and experiences back to Arizona to help the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses develop their technology and go to market.




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Amit Bhatti of 500 Startups: Honesty is the best policy: The importance of a good relationship between founders and investors

Amit Bhatti is a principal at 500 StartUps. He is part of its global portfolio management team where he helps select new investments for their flagship accelerator, as well as advise and manage their 500 portfolio. A lawyer by training, he previously served as the firm’s US corporate counsel where he oversaw investments from 500 global funds. Prior to being with 500 StartUps, Amit worked with technology companies on legal and financing issues across all stages of their lifecycle from startup to IPO or M and A (merger and acquisition).





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