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Kristin Slice of Peoria Forward: The Importance of a Robust Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Kristin Slice is an ecosystem builder who’s a Senior Program Manager with Arizona State Universities, Entrepreneurship + Innovation for the Peoria Forward program. It’s an ambitious grant-funded project that aims to develop the West Valleys entrepreneurial ecosystem and to integrate Arizona State University‘s (ASU) robust international resources directly into local communities. 

Kristin is also an entrepreneur having run multiple businesses both in marketing and communications consulting. She’s an alumnus of ASU and earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication from Texas A&M University.  



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [00:57] Stephanie introduces her guest, Kristin Slice
  • [02:23] Speed round with Kristin
  • [04:33] Kristin talks about her very first ask which she considers as her “originator” ask
  • [05:56] Kristin shares some tips on the usual things that people get stuck in when they’re doing their ask
  • [08:26] Kristin talks about learning from the strengths of other people and doing the research you need to prepare your ask
  • [11:08] Kristin points out the importance of making a solid impression with an investor who probably has limited time to talk
  • [12:39] Stephanie and Kristin discuss the dangers and risks of having a conversation that’s not well thought of
  • [17:01] Kristin talks about the power that comes with surrounding yourself with the right people and seeing the bigger picture of the industry space that you want to get into
  • [19:37] Kristin discusses what Peoria Forward is about and what their plans are for West Valley and for the entrepreneurs in it
  • [24:56] Find out why it’s helpful for entrepreneurs to ask help and sharing their ideas with fellow entrepreneurs
  • [31:17] Kristin explains how the little asks you make along the way can lead to your success
  • [34:32] Kristin expounds on why learning by doing can help you get better at making your ask
  • [38:38] Kristin’s best tips for budding entrepreneurs


In this episode…

You’re in a crowd and you’re warming yourself up to strike up a conversation with a potential investor or business partner, but hold on a second and ask yourself, have you done the research you need to make the conversation interesting? Are you capable at that very moment to connect with a person not just for business purposes but really making a connection that will leave a lasting and (hopefully) positive impact? For Kristin Slice, preparing yourself for every ask you make and building rapport with the people you talk to is crucial in paving the way for your success. And this is why your ask needs to start from the very basic: the desire to learn and to ask the right questions.

Kristin Slice is the Senior Program Manager at Peoria Forward, and she has seen and heard all the different kinds of asks you can think of. She has seen people have astounding ideas but fail to make a connection with key people for their businesses, and she has also seen people make the little asks they do work towards the completion of their goal.

In this episode of What’s Your Ask, Stephanie discuss with Kristin the value of research and shared community knowledge in order to create a strong and robust ecosystem for entrepreneurs, the risks of conversing just for the sake of conversing, the power of surrounding yourself with the right people and the right information, and the work that Peoria Forward is doing to help the entrepreneurs of West Valley thrive and grow. Stay tuned.


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