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Believe You Belong at the Table with Andrea Heuston

Andrea Heuston is the founder and CEO of Artitudes Design who has been in the tech industry for 30 years.

Her company, Artitudes Design, is a full-service creative services and experiential design firm that specializes in providing high level speaking and design support to top executives.

Andrea is a respected business leader and entrepreneur who is sought after as a board member, a keynote speaker, a prolific voice on women’s and leadership topics in the workforce as well as a LinkedIn Social network influencer.

In 2018, her article, “Lead Like a Woman” became the 3rd...

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How to Get an Offer You Can't Refuse with Mark Moeremans

Mark Moeremans is the Senior Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Venture Development at the Arizona Commerce Authority, a public-private agency focused on economic development across Arizona. 

In this role, Mark runs the Arizona Innovation Challenge, one of the largest pitch competitions in the country, as well as the Venture Ready Accelerator Program. He has long been interested in the intersection of the private-public and social sectors, and throughout his career, he has looked at entrepreneurship, technology and business as a way to drive economic development.


Mark has...

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