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Believe You Belong at the Table with Andrea Heuston

Andrea Heuston is the founder and CEO of Artitudes Design who has been in the tech industry for 30 years.

Her company, Artitudes Design, is a full-service creative services and experiential design firm that specializes in providing high level speaking and design support to top executives.

Andrea is a respected business leader and entrepreneur who is sought after as a board member, a keynote speaker, a prolific voice on women’s and leadership topics in the workforce as well as a LinkedIn Social network influencer.

In 2018, her article, “Lead Like a Woman” became the 3rd most viewed article on LinkedIn.

Andrea is passionate about helping close the gender gap for women in business, and hosts the Lead Like a Woman podcast where she interviews top women leaders as they share their stories on life and leadership.



In this episode…

Andrea shares that she believes the first step in getting started is mindset - know you belong at the table with C-Suite executives, for example. They may be high-powered, but they do not have your product or your knowledge. You have a lot to give. You provide value

When looking for help, reach out to people you have a previous connection with as they are more likely than a new connection to be open to the conversation. People are receptive to helping others with shared experiences. And, surprisingly, the people who are farther away from your day-to-day work are more likely to help.  Adam Grant says there is power in that connection. Those close to you are part of the story, and may not be as likely to have the perspective needed to help grow the story. 

Learn more about making confident asks in this episode of the What's Your Ask show with Stephanie Sims as she hosts Andrea Heuston, founder and CEO of Artitudes Design. Andrea discuss with Stephanie how to spend your time on what you're good at and passionate about.

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