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Stephanie on Matt Wolach, Sales as Principle Source of Capital

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This is a shared episode by Matt Wolach.  Matt starts the episode introducing Stephanie, asking where she is today and how she got there.  

They kick off the show agreeing that raising capital is truly all about sales.  People looking for funding need to look at what is right in front of them - creating something of value that clients and future clients will pay them for.  

One of the mindsets that is super important is that of an investor.  And then you ask yourself, “What is the best use of the resources I already...

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A Solid Sales Process Requires Discovery with Matt Wolach

Matt Wolach, host of SaaS-Story in the Making, is an entrepreneur, investor, coach, and leader who knows the sales world from the inside out. He has nearly two decades of SaaS sales management experience.

His expertise, in particular, lies in crafting a streamlined buyer journey that maximizes conversions at every stage from lead to close.

Matt is the creator of The Perfect D.E.A.L. Process which has created growth patterns that led to multiple 8 and 9 figure exits.

He uses his experience and this proven process to guide founders and leaders of B2B SaaS companies from around the world on...

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