Where do I find money for my business?

You're in a tough place - you need money to grow your company, but between angels, VCs, grants and loans, it's hard to know where to start.

Be sure you know the right kind of money before you waste time chasing it!

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All Money is Not Created Equal

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Before you spend your time chasing funding that doesn't fit you, get clear about what you want and what your business is ready for.

Partners are worth more than dollars

You started your business with a specific goal in mind, and you need financial partners who want to help you achieve that goal.

You've got to find the partners who will support your vision - regardless of whether you're building a business that supports your lifestyle or the next Facebook!

Clarity in three Simple Steps

  • Assess your Finance-Ability® to find out what type of funding is right for you

  • Stop looking for dollars in all the wrong places - be confident you're talking to the right investors

  • Set yourself up for success with a clear funding strategy and approach - eliminate the frustration and stress!

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