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What to Expect When You Go After Seed Round Funding with Geralyn Breig of AnytownUSA.com

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

Geralyn Breig is the Founder and CEO of AnytownUSA.com, the first eCommerce marketplace for American-made goods which she launched in 2018. She's also the host of the American Made Marketplace podcast. 

Before founding AnytownUSA, Geralyn ran operations for Fortune 500 companies, specializing in leading consumer products and specialty retail brands. She also previously served as President of Clarks Americas, a $1 billion division of the global footwear company. 

Geralyn has a leadership style that has helped many iconic brands to excel, having previously been the President of Avon North America, President of Godiva Chocolatier International, and VP of Marketing for Pepperidge Farm. Today, she serves on the boards of 1800flowers.com and Hanesbrands Inc. 


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As an entrepreneur, you often feel pressured to figure everything out on your own. This can prevent you from asking for help, even if it’s about something critical, like that much-needed funding. And even if you get over your resistance to asking for funding, you aren't clear about what to expect - or how to handle the rejection. Geralyn Breig has gone through this process, having raised seed funding from family and friends as well as institutional funding for her startup AnytownUSA. She generously shared insights from her own fundraise to help other entrepreneurs improve their chances.

Listen to this episode of the What’s Your Ask Podcast with Stephanie Sims and hear from Geralyn Breig, Founder and CEO of AnytownUSA. She talks about how she overcomes the fear of asking and shares her experiences raising seed capital from family, friends, and institutions. Geralyn also gives tips on how to manage your expectations and better handle the “no’s” until you get your “yes”. 

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