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Thoughts of Crypto-Currency and Crypto-Investing with Spencer Montgomery

Today, I’m excited to talk to Spencer Montgomery, the Founder of Uinta Crypto Consulting, a cryptocurrency training and mentoring program. He has been providing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency consulting and training for over 4 years. 

Spencer has spoken to over 3000 people and has influenced over 5 million of crypto investing. 

Spencer personally turned $13k into over $1.2M in 18 months back in 2017 and more impressively, sold in early 2018 protecting his earnings. 

He has helped many friends and family 10x their money investing in crypto assets. 

Spencer has a MBA and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University. Prior to starting his own company, Spencer was the Blockchain Evangelist for Microsoft.


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In this episode…

Spencer shares what the offer was that he could not refuse.  Back in September he was offered to join a coaching program for $4,000.  The coaching program spoke exactly to a pain he was feeling and helped solved the problem.  Since he had invested so much into it, he dedicated lots of time and energy to get the returns.

There are three things Spencer feels should be looked at when making a decision to spend money on something such as a coaching program.

  1. Books
  2. Testimonials
  3. Guarantee

In order to set himself apart from the rest of the “hype” to make connections, Spencer posts twice daily on his LinkedIn account with tips, information and education.  Multiple times he hears he is a “breath of fresh air” when people are looking for something they can trust.  He feels he is that person, and he is easy to pitch to.

Spencer feels that some buy out of fear of everyone else getting rich and sell because they are afraid they are going to lose money.

Risk profiles are different for everyone, but he helps people conquer fear and deal with loss aversion by understanding their motivations and what their goals are.

Spencer shares common myths in regard to crypto investing such as people believing the information they see or read is education and that all investing does not have to be crypto - they can start small.

Condensing the opportunity and showing people what they are missing is key.

Spencer shares his thoughts surrounding how crypto currency will impact the broader market, how people will do business and what the future holds or will evolve to.  In addition, how will regulations change or what controls may come into play.

He feels technology has interrupted so many other industries, and they survived, so this should be no different.

In addition, Spencer shares information about NFTs.

Finally, Spencer wants everyone to know the risk/reward - not too many opportunities out there and just wants people to benefit from it.  But you need to learn.  If you don’t understand, you’re just gambling.


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