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The Common Denominator for Successful Asks

stephanie sims Apr 14, 2020

Stephanie SimsStephanie Sims is a Capital Strategist who teaches founders how to tell economic stories that make dollars and cents. She is the founder of Finance Ability, a boutique consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs get the money they need to grow their business. Stephanie founded Finance-Ability after her more than two decades of experience working on both Wall Street and Main Street.




Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn

  • Stephanie Sims plays the speed round
  • Stephanie talks about why she couldn’t refuse the opportunity to work in Paris and how it impacted her life
  • Stephanie shares why she refuses exploitative asks and those which she feels she isn’t the best person to help with the ask
  • Stephanie discusses how thought partners and mentors can help you improve your ask
  • Stephanie reveals people she admires for their asking skills and the reason why they’re so good at it
  • Stephanie asks her audience to share What’s Your Ask with people who need tips and inspiration on asking


In this episode…

Ever wondered what makes some ask successful and others not so much? What could be the common denominator for successful asks? Stephanie Sims says that it’s all about figuring out where and how you can add value to make your ask a partnership rather than a favor. She says the emphasis of your ask should be on how to make it beneficial not just for you but for the person you’re making the ask to.

In this solo episode of What’s Your Ask, Stephanie Sims shares her insights on what most successful asks have in common, when and how you should leverage the power of mentorship or a community of thought leaders to revolutionize your ask, and more. Stay tuned.

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Finance-Ability is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping business owners and startups find their best options for growth funding. Founded by financial strategist and transaction expert Stephanie Sims, Finance-Ability can help any business owner identify the right funding partners and get through fundraising as painlessly as possible.

Visit their website to take their online assessment test to help you find out which kind of funding is the best fit for your business right now. They also have a ton of resources to help you understand business processes and financial decision-making that can help you start and build your own empire so be sure to check them out.

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience having worked with companies like Goldman Sachs and CSFB. If there’s anyone with their heart in the right place when it comes to championing the dreams of small business owners and startup companies, Stephanie is that person. Let Finance-Ability help you get the funding you need and deserve to get your dreams soaring high towards your own brand of success.


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