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Knowing and Getting What You're Worth with Jamie Easton

Today, I’m excited to talk to Jamie Easton, the founder of The Uptick - a weekly dose of financial market smarts!

Jamie has nearly 20 years of professional experience in the financial services industry, including Managing Director at Evercore, a premier, independent, global investment banking advisory firm. 

At Evercore, she not only founded the equities business in 2010, but was also recognized by Institutional Investor Magazine as the top ranked IR professional in her peer group.

Jamie began her career at Goldman Sachs, where she led investment research on the Bond Insurance Industry.

Jamie resides in Manhattan and is an avid lover of fitness and all things CNBC.

Welcome Jamie!


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In this episode…

In this episode, Jamie shares her scariest ask - with a little backstory, Jamie started her career in her 20s in equity research, moved to sales and discovered she was better suited for that.  Her hardest or scariest ask was after she moved over to a sales role and brought in a large account, which was her first account.  At that point, it was a top 3 account for the company but when she got her bonus, it was not reflective of the account.  “Someone is getting paid off the money I brought in, where is it going?”  Boss said they never asked her to bring in the account, and with that, she promptly handed the bonus back.  The next day, got 100% more, which was still a small amount, but it was something, and that she accepted.

Jamie feels this proves one thing – if you continue to accept and don’t ask for what you’re worth, it will continue to happen to you.  In her job, she would be able to leave every day and know her worth and her value.  It was data-based and easy to figure out. 

Her tip for someone not working with numbers is to write down every single positive contribution that was made.  Then at your review, put all that compiled knowledge down and feed it back.  Rank yourself highly when you have the chance.  If you don’t think you’re exceptional then change it before your review.  When you are in front of the person doing the review, it is difficult for them to say, “Oh, you’re terrible.”  So, set yourself up with positivity; make your own data and value.

Jamie says anyone facing this should think a little deeper than the top or bottom line – what else am I doing that will make the firm a better place.  If you lost me, what would you be losing as an organization.  You will see more value and able to highlight.

There is psychology around always remembering the negative things or things that go wrong more so than the positive things. 

Jamie shares she had a deep passion to help women stay in finance.  She finds it disappointing when women choose not to continue during pivotal times in their lives.  

When it came to starting Uptick, she would read financial articles written by a journalist who had never worked in finance, and she felt she could do a better job synthesizing business news for everyone.

If people don’t understand the fundamental functions of the economy, it is hard to make decisions due to not understanding some of the products available.  Some people miss out on incredible opportunities due to this.  When they do finally decide, it might not be based on the right assessment of true risks and rewards.

Jamie feels ones’ biggest investment is in oneself and the company they own.  Most people put their financial decisions on someone else, and they do not have time to learn but rather are on different trends.  For those who “knew” it was going to be a thing, then put some money in it.  The second you notice a shift, make a move.  When people have others managing their money, there is less ownership involved.  Identifying long-term funds that you believe in is a phenomenal investment strategy.  When you have money to invest, keep 20% of that and figure out for yourself what to invest in.  Learn and understand everything there is about investing.  In addition, know your investment strategy and your own goal.

Money is such an important part of our lives, why do we give it to someone else to handle?  Hopefully, people start asking more questions and become more in charge of their financial journey.

How do you decide who you will say yes to?  If it sounds like I would listen to it or it is interesting, then I say yes. 

Jamie’s ask to the listeners is, as you start to engage, subscribe to Uptick.net and start reading with us.  It’s published every Saturday morning.


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