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Chris Ronzio of Trainual: How to Get More Asks for Your Products

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

Chris Ronzio is the Founder and CEO of Trainual, a leading SaaS company that helps fast-growing businesses automate their onboarding and training by documenting every process policy and procedure in one simple, searchable, teachable system. 

Chris helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create scalable systems and processes with his consulting firm that he started in 2013, called Organized Chaos. Chris developed a passion for helping business leaders find the time to do more of what they love by providing a way to document and delegate what they do. 

As a serial entrepreneur and startup leader, he built and sold a nationwide video production company before the age of 25. He's invested in building six businesses to over $30 million in annual revenue. Now with Trainual, Chris is on a mission to make small business easier by automating training manuals for busy companies around the world.





Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Speed round with Chris Ronzio 
  • An ask Chris couldn’t refuse from Michael Gerber 
  • Why it is important to focus your ask on a high-level value add
  • Chris talks about the importance of brainstorming who might be a good connection and making a list 
  • How to be willing to put yourself out and make cold asks 
  • How Chris leverages referral marketing  
  • Chris shares insight on how to know when your product or solution is ready for promotion 
  • How to iterate your business goals without losing focus 
  • The number of asks Chris made to get his first 20 clients 
  • Chris’ decision-making process about an ask 
  • Creating exclusivity for your product or service to get people to ask you for it
  • How Chris made the asks that got him connected to Gary Vee and other famous entrepreneurs


In this episode…

There will always be ongoing discussions about how to ask effectively and increase your chances of getting a yes. What if you could understand how to create something that people want to buy so they are asking you for it, as opposed to trying to sell them on it? This week’s guest, Chris Ronzio talks about flipping the script by starting your asks right from your product idea.  

Chris is the host of the Process Makes Perfect podcast. He's the author of 100 Hacks to Improve Your Business and Inc magazine's contributor with a column called the Process Playbook.

In this week’s episode of What’s Your Ask?, Chris talks with Stephanie about the importance of having a structured ask and to be clear about what it is that you're trying to achieve, as well as focusing on providing high value. Chris also talks about the product launch process, how to make the asks to bring targeted influencers on board, and how to create exclusivity for your product to attract more asks. Stay tuned.

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