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Get Clear to Gain a Yes to Your Ask with Robert White

Robert is a Speaker, Author, Leadership Trainer, and Executive Coach who integrates a heart-centered, result-oriented and transformational leadership approach to being effective.

He’s a serial entrepreneur including having founded and led two training industry success stories with over one million graduates of high-impact experiential learning seminars.


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In this episode…

Robert White talks about how he found a sense of purpose during a time of need turned out to be life-changing. A previous “no” became a hard “yes” in a time of desperation that led to his financial success for years to come. Sometimes it is after a period of courting that it becomes apparent that saying yes will work.

Facing unknown situations can, ultimately, be a good thing. You are uninhibited by not having preconceived notions. So, taking that plunge isn't as scary when you have no previous experience to use as a means to discount the idea. When you have that desire to do something different, you are more apt to take the chance. When the idea just won’t leave you alone, you have to try.

Passion and commitment are the best characteristics to take the chance on entrepreneurship. Starting your own company takes the energy of passion and commitment to that passion. Entrepreneurs can teach you so much. How you show up with the client matters. So, your presence matters when making that ask.

Robert says, “You aren’t enough” is a great motivator to do great things. However, you need to overcome that and have a positive relationship with yourself. Success is not narrowly defined and is a personal reflection for yourself. Get clear on what you want to accomplish, just don’t get tunnel vision. Stay awake to what’s possible.

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